I have worked as an Artist, producer and freelance creative facilitator since 2005, both in Manchester and New York, and I love what I do. I have an excellent track record for delivery of both large and smaller scale creative projects, whether they are in schools, colleges, community groups, theatres, outdoor, museums, libraries or corporate settings.

Living in Manchester is great, this is a really exciting time to be a creative practitioner in the city. There is a real buzz in Manchester, and a strong 'DIY' culture around creativity which is very exciting. I have excellent contact with other creatives and often work collaboratively with them on projects.

I was proud to be one of two learning Programme coordinators for Bee in the City: 


A brilliant project that created a huge Bee sculpture trail across Manchester City Centre.

I have great people skills (theatre and clown training comes in handy - comedy is a great universal language!), and bring energy and enthusiasm into projects that I am working on. Having worked in theatre, produced events and run my own businesses I am good at remaining calm during stressful times, and taking on large responsibilities.